1,595.00 1,500.00

Manufacture Name: Prestige

Product Type: KETTLE

Size: 0.5 Ltr

Warranty: 1 year

Package Content in a Box: 1 Nos

Material: Electrical

Stainless Steel Body

Usage: Make a Hot Water quickly. It can be shifted from Kitchen to Dinning Table easily.

What our Marketing Team as to say about “Prestige” as a Brand:

  • TTK prestige group was started in the year 1928
  • Founder name: Mr. T.T. Krishnamachari
  • ISO 9000:2008 certified
  • It is the most valued and well-known brand in Chennai and all over India.
  • People are connected to the quote” person who likes their wife, will not say no to prestige”. This ad was a huge success.
  • Home Maker are most valued customers for this brand.
  • Nowadays they are launching smart kitchen appliances like chimney, clip-on cookers..
  • Electrical appliances are newly added in 2007.
  • This company is a pioneer in updating its product to its customers’ need.
  • Manufacturing plant in – Hosur, coimbatore, Roorkee, karjan, khandi.
  • Prestige is a household name as it captured the hearts of Home Makers
  • Prestige company does many social welfare trades like a Blood bank, de-addiction centers, funds to the Indian cancer institute.


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